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Nurses Week - Showing Support for Healthcare Heroes

Year of Health and Care Workers 2021 With much-deserved focus on recognition and Nurses Week only a couple months away (May 6 – 12), now is a great time to review how we can keep helping healthcare heroes.

Nurses Week - Showing Support for Healthcare Heroes

2021 has been named the Year of Health and Care Workers by the World Health Organization (WHO) to show appreciation for healthcare workers’ commitment and dedication as they continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. WHO has even launched a campaign around the initiative, Protect. Invest. Together., to highlight healthcare workers health, jobs, economic opportunity and equity.

With this much-deserved focus on recognition and Nurses Week only a couple months away (May 6 – 12), now is a great time to review how we can keep helping healthcare heroes. Here are five ways to break through pandemic-fatigue and show support for doctors, nurses, facility staff and other healthcare heroes – plus how promotional products can help too.

1 – Donate Blood In times of crisis there is often a shortage, but blood donation is essential to be able to take care of those who need it. But don’t worry, blood donation centers and drives are taking safety measures to protect donors and staff.

For example:

Face mask requirements

Temperature checks

Hand sanitizer provided throughout the process Beds,furniture and other equipment is spaced out to follow social distancing Increased disinfecting of all surfaces touched by staff and donors.

2 – Get Involved  Look into groups in your area that are organizing efforts to help. Everything from supporting policies and legislation that benefit public health to cloth mask drives that help minimize the use of PPE outside of healthcare settings can make a big difference.

3 – Follow Protocols lightweight-contoured-mask, Contoured Mask, Heeding expert advice is an easy way to minimize strain on healthcare resources. Taking the recommended precautions to stay home, wash hands, wear masks in public and following social distancing guidelines can have a major impact on resource availability at healthcare facilities.

4 – Donate to Charities Supporting Hospitals If you have the means, donate to a local hospital or organizations that have created COVID-19 response funds to support those affected by Coronavirus as well as first responders. You can also donate promotional products to organizations that are providing much-needed equipment to healthcare facilities like chairs for temporary additional seating or PrevaGuard™ totes to hold patient belongings.

5 – Flu Shots & Vaccines Flu outbreaks can be a big problem for healthcare systems that are already strained due to COVID-19. Taking the precaution of getting a flu shot can help slow the spread of the influenza virus. According to the CDC, COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective at preventing COVID-19 and may also help people from getting seriously ill, even if they do get the virus. Getting vaccinated may also help the people you come into contact with, including healthcare and other essential workers.  Custom-Printed Bandage

6 – Show your Gratitude Healthcare workers are risking their own well-being to care for patients, even if that means being separated from their families. Be sure to express your thanks for their efforts, in the biggest way you can! National Nurses Week may not be until May 6th – 12th, but it’s always a good time to show nurses and other healthcare staff your appreciation. One way to also do this is through Fresh Baked Cookies and Treats!!

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