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Thank you! I love my business cards! There is a coating on the front and back and I can still write on both sides. They look awesome and everyone I hand one to is impressed with the quality.

Marketing Direction

The bowls we ordered and you engraved are truly beautiful. They all came in good shape. I am sure about this time next year I will be contacting you again for more of the same. Our retirement time is always in May.

Union University

This is some feedback we received about your cookies from a third party via our marketing consultant:

“I’m hoping that Avizia will send us the free Christmas cookies they sent one year. Obviously, they farm this out to some third party, but we got a big box with a hundred or so individually wrapped hockey puck sized chocolate covered sugar cookies. Each one of them had the Avizia logo stamped on them. They were amazing. We got those cookies out of the blue. We saw several of them at ATA, and asked if we get some more of those cookies this Christmas. It was so funny, even the executives and salespeople had no idea what we were talking about. I think if they can bring back the Christmas cookies, my life will be complete.”

There weren’t 100, but nice that they remember it that way. It was a healthcare provider who gave that feedback. Definitely made sure they were on the list again.


Received and perfect! So nicely packaged and presented also! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! THANK YOU!!! Please tell DJ thank you also! He was SO responsive and HELPFUL enabling us to have this really nice gift to share tonight at our party! All done from Friday afternoon to now in our hands - just 6 days later!)


Your service is excellent. Truly the best. I have been in service most of my life at the senior management level. I know what I am talking about.

Best, Yvette ,

Thank you for all your hard work on everything for our event. We are so happy with how all the awards and glasses turned out!! We will definitely be thinking of you in the future for any other events or things we will need! DJ has been such a huge help! I will recommend CEShoppes to anyone else needing quality and professional work needed.

Thanks again,

Southern Indiana REALTORS Association, Inc.

HI!!!! The bags are perfect thank you SO very much!!!!! They all arrived absolutely perfect!!!! I also found the ambassador gift!!!! I’m in love twice!! lol

Buddy Cruise