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Trendy Promotional Items – Branded Lunch Box

Branded lunch boxes are a unique promotional product. They can be filled with any item. Here are 5 case studies on how a retro lunch box can be used as a marketing vehicle and a corporate gift for events.

Trendy Promotional Items – Branded Lunch Box

In this blog, what I’d like to do is really focus on a unique swag item. Our retro lunch boxes are not just for carrying around food. These metal lunch boxes have really taken off because people like the look of them because it reminds them of their younger school days. It is very vintage. Lunch boxes can also be used for promotional packaging. We created a custom kit for a pet manufacturer who sells shampoo for puppies as one example. What they wanted to do was actually take some of the samples of their shampoo and some of their other products and put them in a lunch box and deliver them to veterinarians. They used one of our lunch boxes as the packaging.

“Family Safety Day”. - Every corporation has some form of family event or family picnic and this is a great way to bring families (whether your office family or immediate family) together with a nostalgic lunch box as the main gift. You could put a tee shirt, a drinkware item, sunscreen and lip balm inside and now you have a nice keepsake to use for many years, that will remind them of their work family and the fun they had during your event.

Another really exciting example was when one of the hockey teams decided to promote each of their players on the front of the lunch box. They filled these with information and gave these out to season ticket holders. Not only did the font of the lid have the photo of each player, but sponsers logo’s were also wrapped around the lunchbox itself. It makes a great marketing vehicle!

Boar’s Head ham used the metal lunch boxes to introduce new products to some of their delicatessens and their higher end users. When we created these, because of the high number purchased, we actually created a custom colored lunchbox. We were able to not only decorate the outside of the box, but also the inside lid with the Boars Head message.

Now, when you think “Golf Tournament” you wouldn’t think of upgraded packaging, especially a metal lunch box. However, one golf course filled their tournament boxes with a postcard thanking the sponsors, along with a luggage tag, custom printed sunscreen, a little branded washcloth, logo sunglasses and a mint. This inexpensive gift had a huge perceived value and was given to all the people participating in the Golf Tournament.

Don’t see the combination of items to fill your lunch box? Let us know, and we will work with you to customize your gift. We provide complete fulfillment services and can ship directly to your recipients or to a hotel or convention center for your event.

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