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Trending Branded Products for 2019

Looking for cool branded bags and drinkware for your next event? We have hundreds of new ideas for corporate gifts.

Trending Branded Products for 2019

Looking for cool, new ideas for the rest of the year? Our newest product launch involves gourmet food. Where we’re taking high-end packaging, high-end food and pairing it with really nice promotional products. It’s not the toy trucks, it’s not the cheese boards anymore. Think about taking a food tower and pairing it with something like a Samsonite luggage tag or a packable tote. These are perfect for hotel turn-downs, meetings and events and even for new hire gifts.

The food category is a big trend for us. So you’re going to see a lot of items that go across that food spectrum. Wine is a part of that and has been a growing trend. We have a brand new wine item, the Aviana Chateau Double Wall Stainless Wine Bottle Cooler, where you take your wine bottle cold out of the refrigerator and put it inside. You don’t need to add ice. You don’t need to keep it cold and it will keep the cold bottle of wine for about 4 hours. For the holiday’s you can order this packaged together in a nice gift box with a couple of our nice stainless wine coolers. The Aviana line is the perfect corporate gift.

On another note, we are taking drinkware to another level and we’re making it more retail. Doing things like laser engraving vertically so that you can put your logo vertically as opposed to horizontally. We are also decorating on the tops of stainless steel bottles and decorating on the handles of bottles. These are things that other folks in our industry aren’t doing.

Perfect for summertime, when you’re talking about outdoor entertaining we have the Soiree Unbreakable Glasses made from a new material. It is a BPA-free Eastman Tritan co-polyester acrylic. It looks like glass, feels like glass, but is unbreakable. You can throw it across the room you’re not going to see any kind of scuffs. These come in a 20 oz wine glass, a 16 oz stemless wineglass with a squared off look and a 12 oz. Old Fashion Tumbler. These also come in gift sets of 2 in nice packaging, making them the perfect gift for a housewarming, or a company picnic.

Another new one of our product launches is our RuMe brand. RuMe started off fantastically with these packable shoppers. They are very easy to pack them into a small size and take them to the shopping mall or take them to the grocery store and fill them up, and then fold them in to the smaller size again to fit in your glove box or a drawer. RuMe has expanded into some other products beyond shoppers and we carry some of their travel products as well, all lightweight, very strong and easy to carry.

Packable bags is a huge growing trend. We’ve got all price points and categories. Packable backpacks are light weight, very strong but easily packed up into a much larger size. We have packable duffels, packable tote bags and even on our high end, we have American Tourister brand packable items.

We are constantly coming out with new totes, even in the low price point category. But even when you don’t have the big budget we’re going to have totes that have unique features. They’re going to have a retail look to them. For example the stretchable cord on the Maui Pacific Cooler tote makes this tote bag very expandable with a lot more uses. The Maui also comes in black. We’ve also got a tote bag that has a very retail look, the Santorini Wipeable Interior Tote. The inside has a wipeable, cleanable interior. Because of the interior of this tote there are quite a few applications for the health care industry or use as a secondary diaper bag or even an inexpensive beach bag.

Our Heritage Supply line has grown. Totes and duffels have gone from the high end cotton canvas beach totes to more of a rugged outdoors earthy totes with red / black interiors and now finally into a combination of a tech urban look. There are a lot of extra features like waterproof zippers and water resistant zippers. There is a lot of design put into these bags, even the way that you enter a backpack from the backside as opposed to the opposite side. The cool thing about these bags is you don’t have to stuff the straps in any kind of zipper compartment.

This high end look for duffels gets into our all day trend designs. Where you’re taking tote bags and backpacks and you’re adding a lot of features that allow you to use the bag not just for the office but for the other things that occur during the day. There are some that have a built-in lunch bag so you don’t have to bring in a separate cooler to the office. We’ve got bags that have a built-in shoe pocket because so many people are changing their shoes at work or maybe go to the gym to work out. So a lot of our backpacks have this kind of design where we’ve added features to it to make it all day.

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