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Incentivize Your Employees with USA Made Gifts

How using the incentive of a gift can motivate your employees to complete tasks in a shorter time frame. In this case study we used USA Made Retail Soapbox Healthy Hands gift sets as an example

Incentivize Your Employees with USA Made Gifts

Case Study: On-Going Certification Program for Employees

Challenge: A securities company runs an on-going certification program for its employees. Each employee needed to take an on-line course to be awarded their certification. The company knew that since so many employees were working from home and may have a lot of challenges with taking care of their kids, home schooling and the like, that adding another item to their list might not be a priority.

The securities company decided to incentivize their employees by telling them that not only would they receive the certification once successfully completing the program, but also receive a gift.

Product / Solution: Since this was during the time frame of the COVID-19 pandemic, soap was very critical to the current environment. The gift was a bottle of the USA made Soapbox retail brand soap to use at home, packaged with the Avery cotton pouch for personal use (tech items, pens, make-up etc). The program worked so well that the certification program completions were up over last year in the same time period. The securities company was surprised and pleased.

How CEShoppes, Powered by Proforma can assist: CEShoppes works with you to choose incentive gift items with or without a logo within your budget. We then produce the products and drop ship them directly to the recipients right from the factory. As an added incentive - Ask us about a Pop-Up ProStore that would allow you to have multiple items for your employees to choose within a defined period of time.

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